Tony Amsterdam

Fashion, glamour, pinup and erotic photography in private studio in the old center of Amsterdam.

“Beauty is made up of an eternal, invariable element…and of a relative, circumstantial element,…the age, its fashions, its morals, its emotions.” (Baudelaire)

“Women have all the charms of life itself. They have all the essential attributes: beauty, ugliness, obscenity, purity… much more so than nature… A photographer who doesn’t take pictures of women is no photographer, or only a third rate one.” (Araki)

Photo´s are made in Tony´s small studio, in the back of his shop Webers Holland in the center of Amsterdam, between 8 and 10 pm. Most of the shoots are high key: shadowless pictures with a perfect white background.
Contact for info and rates. Shoots always include retouching with photoshop. Printing possible on glossy or fine art paper.

Tony’s studio (Studio Redlight):

Glamour, fashion, erotic photography and custom webdesign. Fashion design by Desiree Webers.